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A Deviation, but Worth It

I usually write about great spaces and why they make us feel better about ourselves, give us encouragement and inspiration, and all around help us. However, just recently a friend shared with me an art form, which was completely new to me. It is called Kintsugi, a Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery with a bonding gold lacquer. The intent is to preserve the form, while telling its story.

By profession I am an architect that primarily remodels existing houses. Kintsugi spoke to me. This is what I try to do for my clients' houses. Maybe I don't add gold lacquer, but I certainly pour into the structure a story that will make sense for the owner and give the house dignity and value. I see the analogy of gold lines running through the piece, binding it together, making it useful; just like restoring a house to a home. This is what an architect brings.

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