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"Sue came up with a design which was a beautiful compilation of old style Cape Cod and new style California. Most importantly, she is absolutely a delightful person to work with. She makes sure her clients are pleased with absolutely every facet of their project."

                                     -- Robin W. 

"Sue is a great listener and has the ability to crystallize abstract ideas and concepts into real world application. She also brings great ideas to the table and is a problem solver."

                                     -- Craig O.

"Sue was fantastic to work with, and we were delighted with the results. In addition to the design and plans, she did all the heavy lifting working with city planners, engineers, and the many others whose approval we needed along the way."

                                      --- Wes W.

"Sue is always prepared, brings good ideas and establishes positive relationships with clients and associated engineers, interior designers and other team members. I value our relationship and look forward to more work together."

                                      -- Gregg H.

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